About This Site: How the islands, network, and academy tie together

A fairy godmother brought you to these islands on the internet, hoping you would feel like you have been found, if that’s what you’ve been looking for.  Welcome home!  Maybe together, we can make a treasure map that leads you to your happily ever after.

Start with The Fairy Godmother Network if you are blue and feel like you need a fairy godmother.  See if your wish is on the list!

If you’re in a better headspace than some of the folks starting at the other spot, and feel brave enough to dream, take a peek at The Fairy Godmother Dream Academy.  See if something you wanted to do when you grew up is on that list.

Go have some fun dreaming, because dreaming is free.  So DREAM BIGGER!

The dream of the fairy godmother that created this place, is that money raised from this website will help me purchase some affordable lots on local islands I have been watching for years.  I want to help build small co-ops to  give people a break for a year to learn life skills, arts, and watch what happens.

This is because when I was given a similar break by couch surfing with some other fairy godmothers and wizards for two years, I was able to launch this website and be the change I wanted to see in the world.  I know that’s a hard concept to think about when your job barely covers your housing, but hang tight, we’re all going to get there together.  I’m roadtripping for the rest of my life to do my part to see basic income for artists and everyone else become a reality in my lifetime.

XXOO, A Fairy Godmother

P.S.- There is a fairy godmother or a wizard in each and every one of us.

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