Seattle people always be asking if I am on Fet Life!

If you are curious about freaky sex stuff, this could be your jam:

Here’s the deal with me though: I am asexual.

I don’t like guys or girls.

Yeah, it’s rare.

Inevitably, as soon as I say that, some Seattle person asks me, “Do you have a Fet Life?”

No genius, I don’t like sex, why on earth would I have a Fet Life?

It’s usually some polyamorous person.  Poly people love me.  Not entirely sure why.

The prefix “Poly” has been ruined for me because of Polyamorous people in this town.

We have a medical clinic called “The Polyclinic.”  Most people’s brains around here are also registering it as a joke on alternative lifestyles when they see it too, I suppose.

“Poly People” in da house!

Anyway, I think it’s a requirement of living in Seattle City Limits that you have a Fet Life profile.  I was grandfathered in, so I don’t have to have one.

Now you know about Fet Life and its importance in Seattle, though.