The Seattle Freeze and why transplants find it hard to make friends.

People read about it on my old Facebook account for years.  They never really believed it and thought I was just being a negative Nancy.

The utter lack of eye contact.

No one ever wanting to actually hang out.  For YEARS.  But still being nice to your face.

No one sits on front porches and says hello to passerbys.  Heck, there are barely even front lawns to sit on.  The weather was historically the type for sitting indoors, anyways.

Everyone thinks I am just making up how lonely it feels here.

Until they come visit.

Watching a group of North Carolinians navigate Seattle this summer made me realize my time here was done for now.  Time to go roadtrippin’!

Below are some things about the Seattle Freeze if you wish to read more.  Honestly, I wouldn’t if I were you.  You have more fun things to do with your time than perpetuate that ol’ mess called The Seattle Freeze.  But they’re available should you choose to waste your time on such nonsense.

If you’ve been considering moving here, or are having trouble with it since living here though, the Stranger’s Guide might help.

This cartoon sums it all up quite nicely.

Wikipedia Article

The Stranger’s Guide To Living With The Seattle Freeze